After a two years break, our 24th Royal Rangers outpost held the English Autumn Holiday camp again. EAH became a popular event designed for all those who want to improve in one of the most important world languages. As usual, our teaching methods and the learning environment were unconventional and exceptional. More details are provided in our head-leader`s notes:

EAH VI: 24. – 28. 10. 2014 Hostěnice


For the sixth time during the autumn holiday the base of the 24th outpost RR of Brno, Hostenice has become a witness of the visit of „strangers“ into the „sovereign territory of the United Kingdom“. The entire complex, which is surrounded by a fence, provided the perfect conditions for creating a feeling of coming to an island nation, where the home language is English. And so the participants heard only English from the very morning till the time to get into a sleeping bag.

Every day began with morning exercises with English instructions. After personal hygiene and little tidying the participants went for breakfast paid for in the local currency, that is in pounds. In case they were able to engage in more extensive communication with waiters the cost could be bargained to a half. Then they ordered lunch from the menu in English. Using a variety of games, dramas and other trainings of vocabulary and grammar, the morning program block started after breakfast.

Just like every main dish, lunch was paid in pounds with the option of bargaining the price down. During the midday rest the participants were allowed to go behind the gate, where they could speak Czech shortly and clarify possible confusions about English language.

Although the afternoon program was mainly focused on sports and walks in the neighborhood, all the communication in the base area remained in English. After dinner the program continued with different language presentations and praises. Before going to sleep to warmed rooms there was some private time for the evening hygiene.

The whole stay was directed to introduce English language in a way which would not make the participants feel like at school but instead in a foreign country where they cannot do without English. The constant need for earning pounds to pay for meals was their ultimate motivation to engage in the activities properly since they gained pounds for cleaning, speaking, helping in the kitchen, working many different ways and playing games. They would also earn pounds by answering lecturer`s questions during or after short Bible lessons. However, in cases of breaking the EAH rules and speaking Czech, participants were immediately fined one pound for every Czech word spoken.

In conclusion, it was a very successful event. Even though the weather was not very favorable, the moments that we spent together were our greatest reward.

Ing. Přemysl Kavalec – Přemek
the head-leader of the 24th Royal Rangers outpost

The same text in Czech is here.
The invitation to EAH 2016 is here.

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